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Downtown Chiropractic and Rehabilitation in Fredericksburg is here to provide chiropractic care and medical massage therapy to people of all ages, offering relief from back and neck pain, headaches, and conditions caused by muscular-skeletal issues. We're committed to helping you reach your health goals.

With consistent chiropractic care, most of our patients achieve a new level of wellness and are able to enjoy life and favorite activities with improved stamina and no pain or less pain than they had before treatment. We're always excited to see patients rediscover the flexibility, strength,and abilities they may have lost over time or through injuries. 

When necessary, Dr. Henzler is happy to coordinate his treatment with other medical professionals who may be involved in your care, including physical therapists and doctors such as orthopedists and neurologists. 

Call 540 373-5040 today to schedule an appointment. To learn more about our practice, Dr. Henzler, and the massage therapy team, click the links below.

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